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  • Features:
    • A lot of stability improvements in the cockpit
    • ALM: Allow manual backlog-board sync

    • Rally: releases on backlog-board

    • Shared sprints in Jira [Teamfield (shared sprints)]
    • Smother board zoom (no lag when you have a lot (+400) of stickies on a board)

    • Infinite loading on users page

    • Include docker-compose.yml file in backup

    • Make teams orderable (and handleable for many teams) in session-creation

    • Python3 compatible
  • Bugfixes:
    • Authentication failed if a supplied cookie contains a white-space

    • License re-apply: Team-licenses did not get updated automatically

    • Webapp did not set source_Id (Jira project) if only one source exists

    • XLSX download did not contain Objectives

    • ADO: Fails to sync if team (which was once mapped) got deleted

    • ADO: sync fails when more than 200 workitems need to be fetched at once

    • ADO: Sync does not start when not all sprints are mapped

    • Rally: team and backlog screen is loading very slow because of tags

    • Jira: Duplicates epic link when the user story is linked with epic