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  • Breaking
  • Bugfixes

    • Webapp: Risk mirror issue

    • marking text does not work in Firefox

    • Pi-admin: edit-session: Link which has an error can not be removed

    • Observer sticky-zoom (can not downsize sticky again)Number key presses switch tabs in browser

    • using magnifier enters spaces into sticky text

    • Jira link config shows errors for project which do not have an error

    • An admin user in the top unit (company) can not see other users in the top-level

    • pi-admin: edit session: rally backlog board cleared out fields (race condition)

    • jira-sync: webhook: if more than one label is present, it will sync it anyway

    • Context menu not working for some customers

    • Rally: Double project entry on backlog board

    • Jira-sync: Webhooks can bring in stickies of unmapped projects

    • Jira-sync: When an issue-type is mapped to teamboard and backlog-board sticky it resulted in inconsistent boards

    • Can not delete empty link in session config

    • Jira-sync: Webhook new stickies do not appear in sprint when multiple changes are done at the same time in jira (sprint+another field)

    • Jira-sync: When Epic comes in by webhook link to this epic are not synced

    • Jira-sync: Backlog-Sticky mirrored to TB did change sticky-type when webhook came in for that backlog-sticky

    • Sorting on linking overlay: Features assigned to my team should be on top

    • Add "!" to sticker-filter

    • If you press 1-4 in feature-link overlay it does not open search (it switches board)

  • Features / Improvements
    • Webhooks should use secret-id (jira)
    • xlsx export optimizations: export ROAM, links, dependency info
    • pi-admin: raise max: 35 types on program backlog board
    • Backlog: When you change the label in Jira it should add/remove sticky
    • pi-admin: Have optional email address field in admin-user creation
    • CSV-import: handle import with other separators than ","
    • pi-web: ALM-sync per iteration
    • Board-search: Can set filter for sticky-types (same as stickers)
    • improve text cursor visibility
    • pi-admin: cut off long team/unit names in tree view
    • 3 Digits for capacity
    • pi-admin: correct naming of boards in mirror config
    • improve screenshot handling
    • More shortcuts & customizable menu
    • use primarily linked stickies on backlog as label
    • Improve search
    • Search on link dialog
    • q also on team/session select
    • add search state to URL
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