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  • Important when installed on a cluster:
    • Added new service 'pi-tracer' (and mongodb, redis)
    • New env-variable for pialmsync: cert_passphrase_secret
  • Fixes
    • Jira-sync: Labels with "/" (slash) in it do not sync
    • Scroll bar in team selection on touchscreen very slow
    • Not working nicely on touchscreen
    • Do not try to reconnect forever when credentials are invalid (or you do not have licenses)
    • Cache issue pi-admin
    • Jira duplicate stickies
    • ROAM button on Team Board is black while text is white
    • RTE Cockpit: Mirrored sticky notes don't show up at first under Program Board
    • Jira: Issue-change results in ghost-sticky
    • pi-admin: datepicker style broken
    • Sticky note should be brought to the front when selected
    • pi-admin: add backlog sticky with mirror to team, go to team, go back to backlog -> jira mapping is lost
    • long list of sticky types does not scroll when using keyboard
    • The text is cut off at the bottom on the capacity allocation modal.
    • Jira: single iteration sync removes unmapped stickies (which were once mapped in the past)
    • pi-admin: mirrored stickies should not count to the allowed max sticky number
    • pi-admin: link validation is broken if the error message does not contain a project
  • Features
    • AzureDevops integration
    • pi-admin: ado: linking screen 
    • Custom timeout per alm-connection
    • jira-almsync: Allow the sync of one iteration
    • pi-admin: make settings available at session creation

    • pi-admin: allow more link types between sticky notes

    • Implement some backend logic for sticky-history

    • pi-web: Send reason for last disconnect (at next connect) to backend

    • ALM two way TLS

    • pi-web: send sticky-type to backend at each stop_alter of a sticky

    • Make email field required (create admin) in pi-admin

    • Display version of onprem version instead of authserver version

    • Audit-logs downloadable in pi-admin

    • capacity allocation

    • introduce ghost sticky type, never send it to backend

    • modal dialog consistency

    • pi-admin: local specific date/number format

    • more stickies per row in overview modal, depending on sticky count

    • how team name on objectives dialog

    • don't add risk/dependency points to iteration load

    • lowlighted stickies should be behind link lines

    • Configurable permanent links on team/risk board

    • configurable load warning color

    • Improve Jira webhook processing time by x5
  • For more checkout

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