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  • Important when installed on a cluster:
    • None
  • Features
    • Port 8096 is now closed
    • If TLS is enabled, port 80 is now closed
    • You can't create more teams than you have licenses
    • Collaboration Canvases
    • Jira align import
    • Improve ado webhook logging
    • Cache get_stickies
    • Line break for long team-names on program-board
    • Jira-sync: When setting 'move issues to backlog' is ON, move issues to backlog when you change sticky to unmapped type
    • Actual Value is now being pulled in XLSX Download for Objectives
    • Sticky-type (change) restrictions
    • Raise max xlsx-import (align) to 400kb
    • Rally: Allow to creation of test-workitems from the cockpit
    • Allow Jira issue creation with epic link as required field
    • XLSX-Export: Insert an empty row for teams which do not have any objectives
    • Archive teams
    • Improve Jira / Rally webhook processing time
    • Don't wrap long words in short sticky texts => bring to lazy load
    • pi-admin: Show warning before deletion of sticky-type
  • Fixes
    • Rally: Data in session creation not updated after refresh
    • ADO: manual iteration-sync removes links
    • ADO: create new story in ado does not bring in links
    • Multi Project selection is also shown, when the session does not use any ALM connection
    • Jira: Don't be case sensitive for Jira labels (at manual re-sync) because Jira is not
    • CSV-team import: Did not update iteration of existing sticky
    • Long team names (>31 chars) let xlsx export fail
    • Observer displays 'Network slow or unstable' at board load
    • When you click on links, it redirects to canvases boards (Rally)
    • pi-web: sometimes (but not every-time - see video) the sticky just closes even it should not when opening the link menu
    • Jira-sync: Webhook: If multiple labels are defined with whitespace (e.g. 'one; two') it was not working
    • Caching issue: When a mirrored sticky gets removed: the cache was not notified properly about that
    • Fix subtocall heartbeat event fail
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