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  • Important when installed on a cluster:
    • When you use TLS: Only > TLS v1.2 is now allowed
  • Features
    • Menu update
    • Sticky-type deletion: Prevent deletion as long as you have stickies
    • Objectives board
    • Jira: Allow story-points field to be of type single-select-list
    • Objectives dialog improvements
    • WSJF improvements
    • Search for stickies without flag
    • New flex boards
  • Fixes
    • Jira in combination with OAuth supports now custom TLS CA-certs and client-certs
    • Text-rendering issue
    • "Scale up sticky text font" settings is not honored (you can not turn it off)
    • Keyboard not working when creating sticky in scaled up mode
    • Teamname is in front of other text
    • Backlog Board: Create feature, gets created in Jira but disappears from board
    • When creating an objective, the text gets reset if another users adds another objective in the meantime
    • bottom bar (black) remains on the sticky if a user changes a sticky flag (top left corner)
    • Teamname is in front of other stuff => long team name is the reason
    • Impossible to select the second session of two sessions with the same name
    • Selecting the same session again triggers a reload
  • For more checkout

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