Sticky Type Selection



The current sticky type is always written at the top left of the sticky note. For each board you may have different sticky types available.

Change Sticky Type

Click on the sticky type. In this example it's "User Story" and the Sticky Type selection opens up. In this list are all the sticky types that are configured for this board. Click to change the sticky type to e.g. an "Enabler Story".

Sticky Type Adjustment

In the RTE Cockpit, you can set which sticky functions you want to use and add them to the different boards.

When you create a PI Planning session, go to the relevant board, select the sticky note you want to use and choose the appropriate sticky function. 

You can set the sticky functions on:

  • Team Boards
  • Risk Board
  • Program Backlog Board
  • Program Board
  • Collaboration Canvases