Connection to ADO

Create a new connection

Before you are able to sync a piplanning with ADO, you will need to create a new connection first.
For this, you need to hit "Add new ALM Tool" on the "ALM Configuration" page.


On the connection screen you need to enter the URL to your ADO instance.

The authentication against ADO is currently done via a PAT (Personal Access Token). It requires the Read, Write & Manage permission on Work Items.
We recommend that you create a service-account which only purpose is to be used with the piplanning app.
Check this page on how to obtain the PAT of an ADO account: Obtain PAT

There are more options which you can access when clicking on the checkbox "Advanced Settings". Check Connection advanced settings for more information.

ADO Project

We only support one ADO project / alm-connection. You can therefore not use multiple ADO projects in one piplanning session.


To be able to use the realtime sync from ADO into the piplanning app, you will need to setup a webhook in ADO. You need to be a project Admin in ado to do this.
Take the information on in the "Webhook" screen in the Cockpit to setup the webhook in ADO. Checkout this guide on how to setup webhooks in ADO: Setup Webhooks

The URL you need to enter for the webhook in ADO is displayed on the Webhook screen and is unique per alm-connection setup in the cockpit.

Lag between ADO->piplanning app

Observations have shown that ADO triggers the webhook with a lag of approximately 5-10 seconds. Keep that in mind that you will have to wait for this time to pass until you see an update in the app.