Manually trigger sync of a individual iteration


This functionally got mainly implemented because the Rally webhooks are sometimes not getting triggered at all (from the Rally side). We are working together with Rally to get this fixed. But in the meantime we need a good way of getting the iterations / stories in sync.

How to re-sync a iteration

  1. In the piplanning app: go to the team-board you want to sync
  2. In the iteration of your choice, you find the iteration-menu on the top right (3 vertical dots), select "Synchronize Iteration", and confirm the popup.

Removal of Stickies

Consider the following situation: If a Workitem moved to another iteration (from iterationA to iterationB) in the ALM tool, and you sync iterationA in the app, the corresponding sticky will get removed from that iteration in the app. To make the sticky appear again in the app, you will need to manually sync iterationB as well. (You could also sync iterationB in the first place => will move the sticky from iterationA to iterationB in the app)