2.8.0 All you need to know using PI-Server with Docker

Restart server

You can do this simply by:


Or by hand by:

docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d

Stop the server

docker-compose down

Update configuration (piplanning.cfg)

  1. Update the configuration file piplanning.cfg
  2. ./install.sh

Inspect log-files

Log files are stored in the logs folder under the pi-server (docker). You can follow them by tail -f <logfile>.

  • crossbar/node.log : Logs of the crossbar node.Check this log if communication between the micro-services fails
  • authserver.log
  • pi-jira-listener.log : If you have trouble with Jira-webhooks and you think they do not reach the piplanninserver, check here for errors.
  • piplanningserver.log

If you want closer details what a specific team was doing check out data/authserver/actionlogs

Data storage / backups

All data and settings from the teams will be saved in the data folder. This data persists over updates.

Make sure you do regularly backups of the data folder.

Updating PI-Server

See 2.8.0 Update from an earlier version to this version