ADO Program Backlog Board Sync [ART]

When you create / edit a piplanning session which is synced with ADO, you can define which work-items out of ADO should appear on the program backlog board.
If you create a new sticky note on the backlog board, the piplanning app will then create a corresponding ADO work-item with the values defined.

You can narrow down the work-items by creating a "filter-query":

  • ADO work item type: the work-item type you want to map to this issue-type

  • ADO WSJF field: (optional) You can choose any numeric field here. This number will be displayed on the sticky-note.

  • Matching ADO fields:

    • Field: The ADO field type

    • Value: The value which this field needs to have / will be set in ADO

    • HINT: The Tags field is not supported yet. You can choose every field which is not 'read-only' and available on the work-item layout (excluding html and history field-types)

Unset area path

If you do not specify an area path at all, it will pull in all the work-items matching that work-item type over all projects.

Info about Paths (Iteration and Area)

If you select either "Area Path" or "Iteration Path", the backend will check if these values are valid (can be found in ADO).