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Map Iterations to Area Paths (Teams)

  1. Create or edit a piplanning session

  2. Make sure that you have included the teams you have previously mapped to area-paths

  3. In the last step of the piplanning-session configuration you can now map teams to iteration-paths

    1. If you have multiple area-paths for one team, you have to set the iteration-path for each area-path as well

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Synchronize iterations for Backlog level work items

For your work items managed on Backlog level you can synchronize the Iteration field. Depending on the iteration in which a Backlog level sticky type is planned, the iteration is synchronized back to ADO based on the iteration paths which are defined for your teams.

To enable synchronization, check the corresponding box under the Backlog Board configuration.

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Iteration path filtering

  • In case you do not specify an iteration-path for the sticky-type: It will get every feature in to the app which matches the field-filter criteria and therefore any workitem (no matter of the area-path value) will appear.

  • In case you do specify the iteration-path: Every feature which matches the iteration-path of the sticky-type OR matches any of the defined iteration-paths of any team (of the same ART) defined in the cockpit (Iteration screen) will appear. Keep in mind that the team iteration-path needs to be a subpath of the iteration-path defined on the sticky-type or it will not be included.

    • In case of a sticky-type with iteration-path = “Futurama/PI1“

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      Only team iteration-paths which are bellow “Futurama/PI1“ will be taken into account.

    • Will be included:

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    • Will NOT be included:

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"Another nice Feature" pulled in and visualized on the Program Board for planning.

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Feature planned delivery in Iteration 1

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