Old-style cross-ART dependency handling (deprecated)

This is deprecated. Please select a Solution-Train in the session-setup to create such a solution-level session. (>= onprem v2.10) and check the dependency handling here.

Make sure you've configured a Solution Level session.

  1. On the Team Board, Team A creates a Dependency, assigns the Dependency to the ART-team, links to the Feature and mirror the Dependency on the Program Board.
  2. Team A changes session and creates the same Dependency on the Solution Board in the swimlane of ART2

    ART2 is now aware of that there is a Dependency to talk about with ART1

  3. Team B (ART2), the one which is in contact with Team A from ART1 to solve the dependency, creates A Dependency in its PI Planning session. Use the Team Board of ART1 to create the Dependency.

  4. Team B commits to a plan to solve the Dependency while continuously collaborating with Team A.

  5. Finally the Dependency is visualized as solved on the Solution Board