Stickies of the type function dependency have a special behaviour / functionality in comparison to other sticky-types.

A normal workflow for using the dependency sticky

We assume you have two teams in your piplanning session: TeamA and TeamB.

  1. TeamA figures out that TeamB needs to implement something for them
  2. TeamA creates a dependency-sticky on their Team Board
  3. Dependency can be linked to a Program Level sticky (i.e. Feature) to show the higher level purpose to solve the dependency
  4. TeamA mirrors that sticky to TeamB by using the "depends" button

    1. After that, the sticky exists on both boards (TeamA and TeamB)
    2. You can now see 'TeamA→TeamB' on both sticky notes. This allows you to see the relation.
    3. Additionally, the sticky has a red flag which means, the dependency is not yet solved and both Teams start to collaborate to solve the dependency.
  5. Team B plans necessary work into their iterations.
    1. Link Story to the dependency
    2. And link Story to the Feature
  6. As soon as dependency is solved and both teams have agreed on the plan TeamA or TeamB can now mirror that sticky to the program-board

    1. The sticky will appear in the team-swimmlane of TeamB
    2. If you move it to another team on the program-board, it will not update the 'depends'-team on the dependency sticky.
  7. Team level sticky linked to the Feature can be shown by clicking on the link tag on any Program Board sticky.