Work Item



A sticky note with the function “work item” has two features:

  1. It has an estimation field (WSJF, Story Point)

  2. It can indicate the status of a task

Estimation Field

On the Program Backlog Board, the estimation field is the WSJF value. This value is automatically set by the ALM tool synchronization, but if you want to edit it or need to enter a value, you simply click on the bottom right corner.

WSJF value field on a sticky note with work item functionality
Set WSJF value


On the Team Boards, the value field is the story point. We've preset the most commonly used values for you to choose from, but you can also set a custom value.



Status Indicator

Based on the status you can show progress on backlog level work items ( and objectives (

Sticky notes with a work item function can also indicate the status of the task, which can be: to do, in progress, or done. I case your session is synced with an ALM-tool, the status will be defined by the workflow you’re using in the ALM-tool.

The status can be changed simply by clicking on the dot in the top right-hand corner.