Sticky Notes with Objectives

You can link any sticky note (besides dependency stickies) to an objective on the team board.

This is the basis to visualize

Linking through sticky note link button

To link or unlink sticky note with an objective you can use link button on a team board sticky:

Press link button on sticky
Link sticky to objective

Objective which is linked:

Similarly, to unlink objective which was linked:

Drag and drop linking

Objective can be linked with sticky note by dragging a link from sticky to objective itself.

Linked objectives are highlighted when card is in edit mode, focused or being dragged.

Show number of linked sticky notes

Each objective displays number of linked sticky notes in Links column:

Clicking on the Link Count button will display list of linked stickies. Stickies can be unlinked from objective by click:

After removing link, the sticky will disappear from the list. If you wish to link it again to the objective you need to use drag and drop linking or linking through sticky note link button.


All the linked stickies will be highlighted on the board after selecting an objective:

By pressing Esc on keyboard or clicking elsewhere objective will be unselected.