Timer types and functionality

Timer types:

  • Board-timers: Visible on the board you create the timer

  • ART-timers: Visible on all board in the whole ART


  • A running timer is displayed in the bottom right of the screen

  • If the remaining time is less then two minutes, the timer turns red and the remaining time is displayed

  • A sound is played when the timer is up

Create and start a timer

  1. Click on Timer in the menu

  2. Add either a board or ART timer in the right-sidebar by clicking on the “+ Add“

  3. Add the description and duration and press Start timer


Pause or stop a timer

  • A running timer can be stopped by clicking on the stop-icon on the right.

    • This allows you to edit the timer (e.g duration or description)

  • A running timer can be paused by clicking on the pause-icon on the left.