Add Teams (Boards)

Team Boards / Program Board Swimmlanes

While configuring a new session, you have to decide which teams will attend this session. You can do that by selecting either an ART or a Solution-Train.

Teams can only be added to a session during the session creation. You can not remove / add a team-(board) afterwards.

Selecting ART or ST

In the example of the screenshot we selected the ART "Animals" which consists of the teams listed under the ART-Name. All these teams will get their own team-board.

On this page you can:

  • Delete or add teams out of other ARTs if needed
  • Re-order the teams. The ordering is represented on the program-board

Attending Teams (without Board / Swimmlane)

You can add teams to a session without giving them an own board and swimmlane. This is useful for scenarios where you want to provide a Solution Level Board spanning multiple Programs. A team which is attending a session (but does not have its own Team Board in that session) can then join (see and edit) that session as well.
To add a team as a an attendee to a session:

  1. Go to step two in the session creation / edit session
  2. Click on the "Teams without boards" tab
  3. Add one or more teams