• Fix sticky flag-removal (flags could not be removed, only changed and added)
  • Fix logout (When users clicked on "logout" they were not actually logged out)


Install the base version 2.12.0 Installation and then update as describe below to this version. 


 Update to this version

Load the new images

  • With internet connection: 
docker login harbor3.piplanning.io
  • Without internet connection: Ask Rentouch for the images.

Update PI-Server config files

On the host-system download the newest version of the PI-Server docker archive and extract it:

wget https://static-piplanning.s3-eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/releases/on-premise/pi-server-docker_2.12.3.tar
mkdir -p pi-server-docker_2.12.3 && tar -xf pi-server-docker_2.12.3.tar -C pi-server-docker_2.12.3
cd pi-server-docker_2.12.3

Run the updater. You have to pass the path to your PI-Server folder (which contains the docker-compose and all the data) as the first argument.

python update.py /path/to/my/pi-server/installation

When the migration to the newest version is finished restart the pi-server by

cd /path/to/my/pi-server/installation

As a last step: You can clean up by removing the installer

rm pi-server-docker_2.12.3.tar pi-server-docker_2.12.3