To be able to install the piplanning app onpremise in your k8s cluster you will need the following:

  • Access to the git-repository which contains the manifests and further documentation

    • Request access to the following gitlab-group: rentouch-onprem
      You need to have a (free) gitlab account to do that.

  • Access to our image repository (harbor3.piplanning.io)

    • Please reach out by mail or service-desk to get access to the repository

Initial setup after containers are up and running

  1. Navigate to the following path: 'https://cockpit.<your-domain>/setup'

  2. Setup the initial admin account

  3. You should get redirected to 'https://<your-domain>' → Login with the credentials setup before

  4. Navigate to ‘settings' and scroll down to 'license’

  5. Send us the server-id → we will then send you license-key

Configuration of the app / usage

Checkout our user documentation.