• Fixes displayed webhook URL in Cockpit


Install the base version 2.3.0 Installation and then update as describe below to this version. 


 Update to this version

Update PI-Server config files

On the host-system download the newest version (checkout https://binaries.rentouch.ch/on-premise to see all versions) of the PI-Server docker archive and extract it:

wget https://s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/static.piplanning.io/releases/on-premise/pi-server-docker_2.3.1.tar
mkdir -p pi-server-docker_2.3.1 && tar -xf pi-server-docker_2.3.1.tar -C pi-server-docker_2.3.1
cd pi-server-docker_2.3.1

Run the updater. You have to pass the path to your PI-Server folder (which contains the docker-compose and all the data) as the first argument.

python update.py /path/to/my/pi-server/installation

When the migration to the newest version is finished restart the pi-server by

cd /path/to/my/pi-server/installation

As a last step: You can clean up by removing the installer

rm pi-server-docker_2.3.1.tar pi-server-docker_2.3.1