2.12.0 Backup

If you update from a version prior 1.8.0 to 1.8.0 you need to do a backup as described in the docs of <1.8.0: go Here

You can make a backup to the local host. There is a backup-script which will make a copy of all necessary folders and does complete DB-dumps.

Run backup

Make sure the server is running (launched by ./install.sh). Then run:


Make sure that you also take a backup of the ./common/secrets.json file

This will create a new folder inside the home-folder of the pi-server-docker installation called backup. Inside this folder it will create a new directory for each backup. In that directory you will find the DB-dumps of the postgres-server and the two mongo-db's. Additionally the piplanning.cfg config file will be copied over.

Restore backup

Restoring the backup will clear the current state of the server. You will loose any data which is not included in the backup.

Make sure the server is running (you need to launch it via ./install.sh). Then run:

./scripts/restore.sh backup/<your-backup-folder>

You can also pass the '-y' argument to the script. If passed, you will not be asked for confirmation (usable for automation).

(If you see a 'ERROR: role "pius" already exists' - do not worry, you can ignore this error)