2.8.0 Update from an earlier version to this version

Updating PI-Server

Backup all the important data to make sure you can roll back

Do a backup as described here: 2.8.0 Backup

When updating from a version < 2.7.0, please read trough these notes carefully.

  • The whole bundle will need more RAM (approximately +1GB)
  • Make sure that your admin account has a valid email. You will receive a mail to set a new PW at first start after the update.
  • TLS is now required. A self singed certificate will be created if no certificate is provided.
  • You need to specify a SMTP server as passwords can only be set by mail
  • Team-logins will not exist anymore. Only admin accounts with an e-mail address will be migrated to user-accounts
  • Configuration:
    • ALM: Custom request timeout can not be set anymore via piplanning.cfg -> set timeouts in the ALM configuration in the cockpit.
    • ALM: verify_tls_cert can not be set anymore via piplanning.cfg → set that in the ALM configuration in the cockpit.
    • use_tls can not be set in piplanning.cfg anymore. TLS is always on and required by default.

Update Docker images

If your server has a connection to the internet:

Request a login (username and password) for the Rentouch-Docker-Hub from Rentouch if you do not already have one.

docker login harbor3.piplanning.io

If your server does not have a connection to the internet:

Install the updated offline installable images

  • Request a download link from rentouch for the updated .tar archived docker images.
  • Move the .tar archive to the server on which you are installing pi-server.
  • Input the command: (this may take a few minutes..)
docker load -i pi-server-images_2.8.0.tar

Update PI-Server config files

On the host-system download the newest version (checkout https://binaries.rentouch.ch/on-premise to see all versions) of the PI-Server docker archive and extract it:

wget https://s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/static-piplanning/releases/on-premise/pi-server-docker_2.8.0.tar
mkdir -p pi-server-docker_2.8.0 && tar -xf pi-server-docker_2.8.0.tar -C pi-server-docker_2.8.0
cd pi-server-docker_2.8.0

Run the updater. You have to pass the path to your PI-Server folder (which contains the docker-compose and all the data) as the first argument.

python update.py /path/to/my/pi-server/installation

When the migration to the newest version is finished restart the pi-server by

cd /path/to/my/pi-server/installation

As a last step: You can clean up by removing the installer

rm pi-server-docker_2.8.0.tar pi-server-docker_2.8.0

Possible failure of FA

If you run into the error showed above (500 Internal Server Error) after the first start. Solution: Start the server once again: