ALM connection failure

The connection to your ALM tool can fail out of numerous reasons. When we detect a connectivity issue, we put the ALM-Connection and their piplanning sessions into an error state. Such an error state is visualized in the piplanning app and the cockpit. This way you are immediately aware of such an issue and can fix it.

Common reasons are:

  • The IPs of our servers are not whitelisted (anymore, or have changed) on your firewall which protects your ALM tool

  • Azure DevOps PAT expired

  • Your ALM tool is down or is not capable of answering in time

  • Network issue (DNS, physical…)


Fixing a broken connection

To fix a broken connection, you need to first figure out what is wrong with it. You need to have the admin role to be abele to investigate the error and fix it. With the admin role, you get a link in the cockpit and the app which points directly to the faulty ALM Connection.

Fix button in the session view of the cockpit


Fix button in the piplanning app

On the page of the ALM connection you should get an error displayed at the bottom of the page, which may or may not already give you a clue.

If you need more details, click on the “event logs” link. This will forward you to the error / event logs for this connection. You can read more about the event logs here.


Error indicator for an ALM-Connection

  • A green checkmark indicates that the connection is not in an error state and therefore no connectivity issue was detected

  • A exclamation mark indicates that the connection is in an error state and the connection to the ALM tool is not possible


Error indicator for PI Planning session

If the connection used in a particular session is in an error state, the status symbol changes to a red X. Such a session will not sync to your ALM tool as long as the connectivity is broken.

  • Any session which is using a failing ALM-Connection will get the error status (no matter if the session-sync is stopped or in active)

  • The session-sync of a session which is using a failing ALM-Connection, can not be started or stopped

  • If you hover over the status symbol a button appears which links to the broken ALM-connection