Requirements to connect Jira with the piplanning app

  • You need to allow incoming connections from the piplanning-app to your Jira on port 80/443 (REST-API)
  • The authentication against your Jira can happen with oAuth or Basic-auth. We recommend to create a dedicated service-user in Jira for the connection.
  • We only support Jira project of the type "classic" (no next-gen support)
  • Your Jira shoould to respond to requests relatively fast (~ < 3 seconds)

If you are concerned about the impact which the piplanning-app can have to your Jira, read here: Impact on Jira when connected to the piplanning app


Q: Our Jira is behind a firewall. To sync with the piplanning-app we want to allow incoming requests for a certain IP-range. From what IP's will the requests to our Jira come from?
A: Checkout this page