Jira ART Mapping

Setup ART mapping (Jira projects to piplanning app ARTs)

Before creating a new ST (Solution-Train) session in the cockpit, you need to map your ARTs to Jira projects. This mapping tells the app where the program-level items live inside of Jira.

  1. Edit you Jira connection under “ALM Connections“ in the cockpit

  2. Click on the Edit button of the ART you want to map

  3. Map one or more project to this ART (click on the 'Add Project' button and then save). Depending on your Jira setup, you will most likely either add one project or multiple, see below.

Use case: Single project for Program-level in Jira

When you have a single Jira project for all your program-level items. E.g. SAFe features are living in their own project in Jira and not as part of the individual team projects. Stories on the other hand are in the individual team-projects.

  • Map your program-level project to the ART

Use case: Program-level items are in team-projects in Jira

When each team has its own Jira project. These projects contain not only the stories of the team but also the SAFe features.

  • Map all projects of the teams in this ART

Use case: Single Jira project for whole ART (includes SAFe stories and features) / mix and match

When you have one single project for everything inside your ART. All the teams work against one single Jira project which includes all the stories and SAFe features.

  • Map this single project to the ART


Check for permission errors

If the sync does not start properly or some issues do not come into the backlog-board, you can check the permissions for all mapped ART projects on the bottom of the “ART mapping” screen.