ADO Team Mapping

To enable the sync of workitems / stickies between ADO and the piplanning app you need to map:

  • piplanning Teams to ADO-Area paths
  • piplanning Iterations to ADO-Iteration paths

Mapping of teams to Area paths

  1. Navigate to ALM Configuration
  2. Edit the ADO connection you want to use
  3. Navigate to the Team Mapping screen
  4. On the team you want to map, click on "Add Area Path"
  5. Enter the Area path of this team in the input field

    If you leave the textinput field (unfocus) it will check if the are-path is valid.

    Multiple Area-paths / team

    You can have multiple area-paths / team. This is useful if a team works in multiple value-streams (each Area-Path will than be a value stream)

Schema of Area-paths

You will need to include your root node into the path. Example: You have a ADO Project called "SAFe5.0". In that you will create the a path "Online Store". If you want to map to "Online Store", you will need to enter the whole path: "SAFe5.0\Online Store". Keep in mind that ADO uses backslashes "\" to structure the path.