User Management


Every user logs in with a unique email address and password

Manage Teams

Whether you add or edit a team, you will see the team profile page

Add existing users

Existing users are also shown under Users. You can search by email address and add an existing user to the team by clicking on the + icon.

Invite new members

Inviting new members creates a user account (role: member) and sends an invitation link to email addresses.

You can add multiple email addresses at the same time. To move to the next email address, press:

  • Enter

  • Comma

  • Space

Multiple Email addresses

Email distribution list

You have different options to add multiple email addresses at once.

Observer Teams

Observer Teams

To add many users as observers for one or multiple ARTs, follow these steps:

  • Create all your users which need read-only access with the role "observer"

  • Create a team called "observer team" or similar

  • Add all observer users to that team

  • Add your "observer team" to all PI sessions where they need read-only access as Attending Teams (without Board / Swimlane) → Add Teams to Session

If you want to provide read-only access to multiple users the best way to do so is creating an "observer-team"

Manage Users


There are the roles available in


  • Has access to the RTE Cockpit

  • Manages the whole account

  • Manages PI sessions

  • Can add, edit, archive and delete teams, ARTs and Solution Trains

  • Can manage ALM connections

  • Has access to Billing and Settings

  • Can manage SSO (Premium and Enterprise plan only)

PI Admin

  • Has access to the RTE Cockpit

  • Can see Teams, ARTs and Solution Trains he/she belongs to

  • Can manage Teams in an ART and ARTs in a Solution Train (can’t add new teams, ARTs or Solution Trains which must be done by and Admin)

  • Can add/remove team members on a Team

  • Can add new PI sessions adding the ARTs or Solution Trains he/she belongs to

  • Can manage PI sessions where the Teams he/she is part of are participating

Team Member

  • Participates PI sessions where his/her Team/s are part of


  • Has read-only access to the PI sessions where his/her Team/s are part of

Create User


  • Add email address

  • Give a name (Optional)

  • Define a role

Edit User

You can

  • edit users email address (a link to set a new password will be sent out to the user)

  • change the name

  • change the role

plus you see all teams a user is assigned to.

Reset password / delete user

Reset password

Delete user

Delete a user account also removes a user from every team the user was member of.