Status and Progress

Out of the box sticky types with the function “work item” will show a status.

Check out

Out of the box provides 3 status

Sync Status with ALM-tool

If you’re having your session synced with an ALM-tool the status options will be pulled based on the workflows used in your ALM tool.

Status options pulled based on the workflow in Jira

ALM-tool specifics

Every ALM-tool handles status differently. Check out the pages provided below:


Azure DevOps


Show Progress 🚀

Based on the linking between team level sticky types (i.e. User Story) to program level sticky types (i.e. Feature) you can now show and hide a progress bar.

The progress bar is based on the sticky count and the status (Categories To Do, In Progress, Done)

Show / Hide Progress

Progress visualisation

🟢 Done | 🔵 In Progress | ⚪️ To Do (gray) | ⚪️ Undefined (white)