Teamfield (shared sprints)

If you differentiate your teams in Jira by a certain field (instead of Jira-project or Jira-sprint) you must follow this guide.


  • The teamfield must be of one of the following types:

    • label (customfield)

    • label (native)

    • components

    • select (customfield)

    • multi-select (customfield)

  • The sprints which are shared by the teams need to be created on a common board

Configuration steps

Configure Jira team mapping

  1. Navigate to “ALM Connections“, edit your Jira connection, select the screen “Team Mapping“


  2. Select a team to configure by clicking on “Edit“

  3. Choose the Jira project in which the team is working

  4. Hit “Show advanced settings“ on the top right of the page

  5. Select the common board. This is the board on which the shared sprints are created on.
    -> Do not select the board of the team itself. In the example blow, the “MLC board“ is the one on which the common sprints are created.

  6. Enter the team-field definition. In the example below you can see the case when teams are divided by the components field. The correct syntax for any other fields is the same as the ones for default-fields and can be found here.


Setup a new piplanning session

  1. Configure a new piplanning session as usual

  2. In the iterations screen, make sure that you select the same sprint for all the teams in one iteration. An example for Iteration PI1.1 can be seen bellow: