Sync Story Points with Jira

Supported field types 

The piplanning app will look for a field named "Story Points" on the create issue screen of your issue. If found, it will try to use that to sync the story-points of a sticky-note from (and back to) jira.
We support two different field types:

field typecomments
numeric field

options (single select) fieldThis field must have numbers as options (0, 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 5...) 

Custom field SP field type

If you use a field type for story points which is not named "Story Points", you can define that type per jira-project in the alm-sync team-mapping page.

You need to specify your field in the following syntax:

{"STORYPOINTS": "customfield_xxxxx"}

The field "Story Point" is not synced to stickies on the Team Board?

Make sure that you have the field "Story Points" on the default (or create)-issue screen in the project you are using. Make also sure that the (custom)-Field "Story Point" is available on the issue-type you want to sync (check customfield settings in Jira for that). 

Keep in mind that we cache the available field sin Jira up to 45seconds. Make sure that you wait at least 45seconds after you have changed something in Jira. If you have a existing pipanning-session setup with Jira, restart the sync to clear additional caches.