Set default field values for Team Board issues

In the ALM configuration for Jira you can define fields which should be filled out whenever a new issue gets created from the piplanning app.

This is most usable in two scenarios:

  • Multiple teams are using the same Project. They only differentiate the issues via a Team field.
  • There are fields which are mandatory and have to be filled out every-time a new issue gets created.

The values have to be defined in a JSON fashioned style.

Any fields

How to find out the field-id / key of a field

See here: How to get customfield-id (key) of a Jira field

Syntax examples for field type labels

{"<label-field-id>": ["label-one", "label-two"]}
{"customfield_10304": ["PiedPiper"]}

For labels, it can also be just "labels" instead of 'customfield_xxxx' =>  {"labels": ["PiedPiper"]}

Labels can not have spaces. If they have spaces they will appear as individual labels

Syntax examples for field fixVersion

{"fixVersions": [{"name":"<Version-name>"}]}
{"fixVersions": [{"name":"1.4"}]}

Syntax example for components

{"components": [{"name":"Update"}]}

Syntax examples for field type Text-Field single-line

{"customfield_10305":"My text"}

Syntax example for field type Select List (single choice)

{"customfield_10306": {"value": "TeamA"}}

Syntax example for field type Select List (multiple choice)

{"customfield_11803":[{"value":"TeamA"}, {"value":"TeamB"}]}

Syntax examples for combining multiple fields

{"customfield_10304": ["PiedPiper"], "fixVersions": [{"name":"1.4"}]}

Syntax example for group-picker (You can select a existing jira-group. E.g. admins or Antelopes)

{"customfield_10313": {"name": "Antelopes"}}

Syntax example for team-field (portfolio)

{"customfield_10001": "1"}   // 1 is the team-id

If your Jira is setup in a way that it requires for any team-level issue (Story, Bug...) to be linked to an epic, you need to specify this by a specific syntax:

{"EPICLINK":"<issue key of a random existing epic>"}


If this is set for a team, it will not create an issue in Jira as long as the corresponding sticky note is not linked to any Backlog-item in the app which is synced to Jira (as an epic).

The issue key you supply as the value of EPICLINK will ONLY be used when you click on 'create test issue'. In normal operation, the value will be ignored.